Global Missions

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Through International Missions, Faith Bible affirms that Jesus called us to make disciples of all nations. While any individual church family can’t reach into every people group, we have taken up responsibility for helping to support 14 missionaries around the world.


Jews for Jesus

Cote d'Ivoire

Leo and Lulu Calva serve as church planters in southern Ecuador in a region called Loja where there is less than one percent of believers.  This area is dominated by Catholicism.  They have planted a central church called Mustard Seed Church where Leo serves as lead pastor.  It is a multiethnic church with 10 different nationalities. From this church, they have established more than 15 other churches in the rural areas surrounding them. The work in the provinces is difficult; however, gradually the presence of Mustard Seed work continues to impact those areas that have been closed to the gospel.  Faith has sent four short-term teams to help the Calvas over the last 20 years.
We support Dan and Dinah Sered.  He has worked for Jews for Jesus since 2006 and is currently serving as chief operating officer.  He specifically supervises the day-to-day efforts of the branches in Europe, South Africa, Israel, and Australia.  Dinah facilitates Hebrew speaking Bible studies, leads worship at her local congregation, and coordinates many local events.  Jews for Jesus exists to support Jews in exploring Jewish life with faith in Jesus.  Many Jewish people have never heard that following Jesus is a viable and thriving expression of Jewish life. They want Jews to have the opportunity to experience the spiritual richness found in being Jewish and following Jesus.  They are made up primarily of Jewish people, as well as other followers of Jesus who are committed allies of the Jewish people.
Rod and Angelika work with a church organization that has about 500 local churches. Since there is a shortage of trained pastors, Rod has been helping with the training and education of pastors at the Bethel Bible Institute (IBB) in Korhogo. Angelika has taught the women of future pastors in hygiene and health as well as spiritual growth and French.

Cote d'Ivoire


Keo Kognon was born into an unbelieving family in the north of Côte d’Ivoire and became a Christian when he was 15.  He has been the director of the Bethel Bible School (IBB) in Korhogo since 2001. His main responsibilities lie in the guidance of the school, the recruitment of new students, and the encouragement of churches already supporting students in training. IBB is the only Bible school in the north of the country. In that region, people are mostly Muslims or animists. Christians represent approximately five percent of the population.
Japan is one of the most gospel-resistant nations in the world, but there is amazing change happening. Andy and Junko Meeko have more than 60 years of combined Japanese ministry. Junko is born and bred in Japan and was serving long before meeting Andy, the youngest son of missionaries to Japan. They work to train Japanese people as community caregivers to reach the depressed, anxious, and suicidal while sharing the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Meekos have also embraced technology as a means to evangelize. Their online ministries include: Treasure Hunt, My Miracle, Risk Ride, Gospel Venture, Xaris, Japan, and MetaVenture.


Peter and Debbie Dodd work in rural Taiwan training leaders for the Chinese church and working with Mandarin-speaking Chinese, of whom only about 3 percent are Christian.  Debbie works with future pastors and church leaders at Central Taiwan CB Seminary teaching Bible, Hebrew, Greek, and missions. Peter serves as a field leader. They both invest in national church leaders, walking alongside, praying for, and encouraging them. In their local area, they have opened the Grace Place and Joy House which serve as headquarters for ministry to both families and children.



Joel and Renata Burnell serve in Poland through seminary teaching, mentoring leaders, and Christian counseling. They work primarily with students at the Evangelical School of Theology, fellow members at First Baptist Church of Wroclaw, and Christian leaders in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. Joel is the chair of the theology department at EWST and also teaches classes there.  Renata serves as a counselor, helping students, fellow church members, and the community.
Rick and Jo’ell Bruggeman work with ABWE as coordinators for Western Region Hispanic Ministries.  They work with English-speaking churches that want to start a Hispanic ministry and raise up Hispanic leaders to plant in these churches.


We are proud to support Becky Loughridge who works as an area coordinator with Awana.  Becky is currently serving 13 counties in NW Oregon and the Willamette Valley. Working with over 80 churches enables Becky to meet with pastors to coordinate the vision of the church and Awana, and work with ministry directors and leaders to focus on making resilient disciples and children who will love Jesus forever.


John and Carol Ragsdale work with TransWorld Radio.  TWR was founded in 1954, as a global network of partnerships using media to take God's Word to all nations, tongues and tribes. John has been serving with TWR since 1996.  They are currently stationed in Southern Europe where John serves as a ministry leader for North Africa.  TWR uses various media platforms to bring the gospel audibly to unreached groups in that area; which is dominated by Islamic influences.  His responsibilities include overseeing the program development department and strategic program development for all TWR broadcasts in Africa.

Missionary Care


We recognize the importance of providing support for overseas workers who are living outside their culture and experiencing the many stresses and struggles of missionary life.  Andrew & Cathy Shafe provided this vital resource.

Andrew & Cathy Shafe were missionaries in Western Africa for many years working to translate the Bible with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  They relocated to Oregon and continue to develop scripture apps and formulate distribution strategies to spread God’s word to the Bible-less.  Their unique experiences living and raising a family overseas while doing missions also allow them to help other Wycliffe missionaries adjust to international work.
We partner with multiple missionary families who witness among unreached people groups throughout Asia.  These areas are steeped in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and other false religions so many countries have outlawed Christian evangelism.  These workers rely on the personal relationships they build in their communities through business ventures, schooling, and social gatherings to spread the gospel.

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